startrek - Examining Some Alternatives to Star Trek: Red Alert

Examining Some Alternatives to Star Trek: Red Alert

Star Trek Red Alert is one of the most popular slot games. There are quite a few reasons for this success. One is simply that the game is a lot of fun. It combines a wealth of options with great gameplay. But on top of that, it provides players with an impressive level of immersion. The sights and sounds of the game remind people of one of the most beloved science fiction franchises of all time. But where there’s one immersive game one will usually find more. Which brings up an important question. What are the best alternatives to Star Trek Red Alert? And how are they similar or different to the famous 25-line WMS video slot game?

Star Trek: Against All Odds

Star Trek: Against All Odds is one of the closest matches to Star Trek: Red Alert in terms of theming. Fans of the franchise know that Star Trek has a lengthy history. The original series, or TOS, was released back in 1966. The franchise has evolved into spinoff TV shows and movies since then. And at present, it continues to thrive in multiple ways. As such, one needs to narrow things down a little to find a good match to Star Trek: Red Alert. Red Alert uses the TOS sets. As such, this makes Against All Odds a solid match. Against All Odds also uses the TOS set. And like Red Alert, it uses multimedia effects to immerse the player in the setting. On top of this, it uses five reels and three to five lines. Some of the other notable features include scattering symbols, wild symbols and energizing wilds. The latter feature is one of the more notable aspects of Against All Odds. It doesn’t appear very often. Though a scatter symbol will increase the overall probability of it showing up. But it’s the path to bonus game rounds.

Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica appeared on TV a good twelve years after Star Trek TOS. It’s similar in many ways to TOS. In particular, it has a heavy focus on space combat and exploration. It was brought back in a new form in 2004. It’s important to note that the show is a continuation rather than a reboot. As such it still carries a lot of similar themes to TOS. This makes it a good match in terms of the overall theme to Red Alert. It even has a narrative where the player helps find the fabled thirteenth colony. In terms of gameplay, Battlestar Galactica has five reels and three rows. Free games are triggered when players match three or more Battlestar symbols. The game also features bonus rounds for the luckiest players.

Transformers: Ultimate Payback

Transformers and Star Trek might not seem to have a lot in common at first. Most people simply associate Transformers with giant robots fighting it out on Earth. But the franchise dates back to 1984. And in that time the storylines have become quite similar to Star Trek. There have even been a few comic book crossovers between Star Trek and Transformers. As such, people who like Star Trek will find a lot to love in Transformers based slots. In terms of gameplay, Transformers: Ultimate Payback features five reels and three lines. The theming extends to gameplay as well. One can find wild symbols which are associated with Autobots, Decepticons or their home planet of Cybertron. If a Cybertron Wild appears in a winning combination than a player can see the franchises space-based nature. Players get to pick a planet through multipliers. And the various sound effects from the series help to immerse the player even more.

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Back to the future

Back to the future might not be set in space. But it’s a science-fiction franchise which has made it to the world of slots. As such, anyone who loves Star Trek: Red Alert should give it a try. Players will quickly learn that the five reels and forty play lines can add up to a lot of fun. The gameplay might not start with the most sci-fi heavy presentation. But it will quickly ramp up to move the player from the past to a future of flying cars and hoverboards. This is the area of the game which should prove most interesting to Star Trek fans. One of the game’s main distinctions with gameplay comes from bonus rounds. Three or more scatter symbols on the reels will bring up a wheel of fortune. This takes a player into the time machine and can result in a wide variety of different bonuses.

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead might not take place in space. But it’s one of the longest-lasting pieces of speculative fiction to air on TV. The main science fiction angle of the plotline comes down to a virus which causes humanity to turn into monsters. Those who aren’t affected will need to find ways to keep their hope alive as they search for a place of peace from their new world. People who like one type of wild speculative fiction on TV tend to like others. As such there’s a lot of cross-viewership between the two franchises. And one can expect a good deal of enjoyment to be shared between players of the games as well. The Walking Dead puts some emphasis on a unique gameplay. One of the more notable examples is the wild horde feature. It’s random which can increase reel height. The Michonne attack is another notable random feature. After a spin, if one receives it, all of the character symbols get an upgrade. This is an allusion to how often the powerful character would help her companions on the show.

Common Features

All of these games, and Star Trek: Red Alert, have a lot in common. They’re all based on long-running sci-fi franchises. Some of them are based in the same underlying universe as Star Trek: Red Alert. Others, such as Transformers, have had crossovers within different mediums. But all of the franchises use speculative ideas about technology to weave interesting stories. And all of the games based on these franchises give players a chance to immerse themselves within those worlds.